Face Fur Alert!

Added: 16 November 2018

Face Fur Alert!
Definite signs of progress as we’re getting updates on the Soup Strainers and Crumb Catchers around the Bridgend Group... and there are some great efforts so far.
It’s all in a great cause, with the annual Movember promotion for men’s health charities being supported by several members of Bridgend staff, and their efforts will be further assisted by a donation of £20 from the Group for each participating staff member.
Here’s how the guys are doing so far, featuring -
The Kilwinning team members, Kilmarnock valeting team, Chris and Stephen at the Autoplex Kilmarnock, Sean Miller at Ayr Autoplex and Tony Goggans at BARC.
We’re only half way through the month, so there’s plenty of scope for growth and even some interesting styling, perhaps?

The team at Kilwinning - Simon Williamson, Steven Smith, Paul Gray, John Mitchell and Cameron O’Neill

Kilmarnock Autoplex: Chris Armstrong and Stephen Welsh

Kilmarnock Valeters - Paul Haswell, Jamie Ferguson, Alli Yair

Sean Miller at Ayr Autoplex

Tony Goggans at BARC