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At Bridgend Motor Group we can help you with finance for your car purchase. As we are an independent family owned company, we have the flexibility to deal with a wide variety of approved finance companies and source the best used car finance deal for you from our dealerships in Ayrshire. Our expertly trained, friendly finance team will assist you through the whole process making it as quick and simple as possible.

We understand that financing a vehicle is huge life decision so ensuring you come out with the optimal outcome is essential. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, we can talk you through all of your available options and are available to answer any possible queries you may have so you can make an informed decision on what best suits your finance requirements. We believe buying a car should be a fun, enjoyable experience, and we will do all we can to remove all the stresses out of your visit and you can relax with peace of mind that you have chosen the perfect finance package. Start the journey to your next car today by getting in touch with the Bridgend Motor Group team.

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Have you been unlucky getting finance, or had previous credit problems?

Has the road to getting finance been a bumpy one? Whether you don't have enough credit history, have missed a payment in the past, have a poor credit score or have been unlucky getting finance for a car before, we can help. Our expertise with finance means that even if you have a poor credit rating we can help arrange finance for you.

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Car Finance Checker

Select 'Free Finance Check' on any of our vehicle details pages, and you can find the best finance deal available without impairing your credit score.

Alternatively, contact us now to find out more.

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Learn more about HP finance

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Learn more about PCP finance

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Your Rate Explained

Rates explained, i.e. what can impact the finance rate you are offered?

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Making an enquiry about who the Lender was?

Following on from the broadcast of Martin Lewis’s TV programme on 6th February 2024 about this, we are experiencing an influx of requests from customers wishing to identify whether or not their finance agreement/s were subject to a DiC Finance Model.

The programme indicated that claims could be made for agreements in place between 6th April 2007 and 28th January 2021.

Your enquiry should be made to the lender that provided the car finance. This is the firm you actually paid each month – not the broker/car dealer. 

Check any agreement documentation you have and collect as much information as possible about your car finance agreements.

Find out where to enquire: even if you don't have details

If you don’t know who the Lender was please contact us by email here. Please include the following in your email:

  • Name
  • Address (at time of purchase)
  • Date of purchase
  • Make and model
  • Vehicle registration number

We will try to supply this information as quickly as we can.

You can also:

·         Check your credit report. If your agreement has been active in the past six years, it should be listed on there. You can also check any old bank statements if you have them.

·         If you’ve found the firm’s name, but don’t know the finance agreement details, give it a call and ask it to provide them. Though be aware, firms only need to keep information on finance agreements for six years after the agreement ends.

·         If your agreement's older, it's still worth asking as different firms may have different attitudes. But if it can’t help, this may all boil down to whether you’ve found your paperwork.

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