Electric Charge Points set to increase to half a million by 2025

Added: 16 March 2021

These days people are looking for more and more ways of being able to live more environmentally friendly lives, reduce their carbon footprint, and focus on low/no emissions as much as possible. This is what has made electric and hybrid vehicles so important, and why they continue to grow in popularity. Now, due to recent developments, we could well see a surge in even greater popularity over the next few years.

Indeed, one of the things that has potential held back the mass adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles in recent times has been the lack of charger ports that are readily accessible to owners. However, this all looks set to change, as we are expected to see a significant increase in charger points across the globe by 2025! And spearheading this move is Royal Dutch Shell, the multinational oil and gas company looking to reduce its carbon footprint. Let’s find out more!

Shell’s Pledge

Shell is looking to take serious steps to become a net-zero emissions energy company by the year 2050, and one of the first steps in their plan involves a focus on electric vehicles. The company is also focused firmly on making its business practices net-zero as well, and one of the ways they intend to achieve this is by increasing the number of charging points for electric vehicles globally from 60,000 to 500,000. Shell has already put the wheels in motion with this plan by agreeing to purchase a market leader in EV charging points, Ubitricity. The company currently has more than 2,700 electric charging ports in the UK, as well as more across Europe too.

London EV Charging Expansion

And it’s not just Shell that has plans to achieve charge point expansions for electric and hybrid vehicles; Transport for London is also taking steps to achieve this across the capital as well. London Mayor Sadiq Khan seemingly has big plans for turning the city into a zero emissions transport city by 2030. And a huge part of this involves an updated delivery plan focused on providing 50,000 EV charge ports all across the city by 2025.

Electric cars charging on roadside

The Future Looks Exciting

The future certainly looks bright for low-emission vehicles, and we could well see charging points far more commonplace in major towns and cities over the next few years. Shell has a target of selling 560 terawatt hours per year by 2030, twice the amount they currently sell, and this is a great step towards that. And it won’t be long until UK drivers see these EV charge points being rolled out on Shell forecourts, and then we could well see a surge in popularity. The more EVs on the UK roads, the more we can reduce our carbon emissions, and work towards healthier and happier cities.

Zero emissions on UK roads would be the ultimate goal, but the only way of achieving this is if everyone embraces electric and hybrid vehicles. Check out Bridgend Motor Group and our selection of magnificent Electric Vehicles that you could choose as your new, low-emission vehicle of choice for the future.