UK Road Safety UK roads are second safest in Europe

Added: 07 August 2020

It has been found that the UK has the second safest roads in Europe, second only to Sweden. That means fewer deaths per million inhabitants, which is great news for UK road users. It has been found that there are twenty-eight deaths on roads in the UK, per million people, according to European Automobile Manufacturers Association. 

What is causing accidents?

In the majority of incidents out on the road, any injury or death has been linked to human error. In fact, it has been found that up to 30% of casualties are a result of distraction, which is something that lawmakers are taking into account, as well as car manufacturers. More and more cars are being manufactured with driver assistance systems, and some are becoming mandatory in the next few years for new years. 

Driver Assistance

One of the driver assistance systems coming into place is the Intelligent Speed Assistance system, which is mandatory from 2022. It means that cars are limited in their speed, and won’t be able to go faster than 112mph. Other required features coming into place for car manufacturers are driver distraction alert systems, as well as reversing sensors, parking cameras, assistance for keeping in lanes, and advancements with emergency braking. With these assistants for drivers, as well as the relatively positive UK road safety statistics, the number of incidents and deaths are set to reduce even more.

When you look at the countries that consistently have the worst road safety rates, such as Romania and Bulgaria, the incidents there could be caused by a number of factors. It could include the poor condition of the roads, older drivers, and older cars that have lower crash safety technology and lower performance standards. 

UK Road Safety

The UK death toll out on the road has remained consistent for the past several years. However, it is important to note that road casualties in the UK have been found to be some of the lowest all around the world, not just Europe. As a result of the UK’s impressive road safety records and statistics, there was a  Death By Dangerous Driving Bill heard in the House of Commons just days ago, meaning that those guilty could receive life sentences. 

UK road safety is something that we all need to be aware of, and make sure that we are doing our part to be safe. The car that you drive can make a difference to your safety, so that is something to consider when you are looking for your next new car. 

European Map with road accidents

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