Training Academy - Mechanical Workshop

Added: 10 August 2019

Over the course of their week in our workshops the trainees were shown basic mechanical tasks like checking oil, tyre pressures, wheel nuts, checking vehicles over pre MOT testing, learning about all the different tools we use and how to work safely within the workshop environment. 
At the end of the week the trainees received their certificates and filled in their self appraisal forms. Here are some of the comments. 
"This is the week I have enjoyed the most. I learned so much and this is what I want to do"
"My mentor was great and let me try a lot of different jobs. I loved the workshop environment and felt part of the team"
"Loved it. Gutted the week went so quick, I could have done another week there"
"Enjoyed this more than I expected to. Interesting to work in a real garage and watch how mechanics fix the motors"