Electric Cars: New Batteries Could Charge In Just Five Minutes

Added: 11 February 2021

It should come as no surprise to anyone that electric cars are the thing of the future. Even now the sales of electric cars are already going up and up, especially in the past five years or so, and it looks as though we can expect this trend to continue for a good while yet. Part of the reason for this is that these electric vehicles are becoming more and more professionally designed and produced, and there is a steady increase in the number of amazing features that drivers can expect from these vehicles.

An Exciting Innovation

Probably one of the most exciting innovations to come in recent times for the world of electric cars is the invention of a new super-fast kind of car battery. With this electric car battery, you can expect to be able to charge an electric car in just five minutes, giving you the opportunity to get your car charged in about the same amount of time it takes to fill up a traditionally fueled vehicle. This, above many other developments, looks set to drastically improve the way people look at electric cars, and it seems as though this is going to lead to a significant improvement in electric vehicle sales across the world before too long.

The Benefits

The benefits of a five-minute charge should be clear. First of all, it means that you are going to be able to charge your car without waiting around. That makes the whole prospect of driving an electric vehicle much more achievable for most people. There were a lot of people who were worried about this facet of electric vehicles when they first started appearing, but as we can see there is nothing to worry about thanks to these new five-minute batteries and their incredible charging time.

How Does It Work?

A brief look now at how the process of charging this particular type of battery actually works. At the moment, the fastest chargers take about 30 minutes or more to top up a vehicle completely, so how do these ones achieve the same thing in just 5? It all comes down to this: scientists discovered that heating lithium iron phosphate batteries up to around 60 degrees means that the lithium ions move faster. And yet, this avoids any damage to the battery which you would normally find as a result of heat.

This is an incredible achievement, and one that is set to change the way the world drives in no time.

When Can I Get One? Is It Affordable?

Perhaps the most exciting thing of all is that these batteries are no pricier than traditional car batteries. That means that you can expect to see them flourishing in the marketplace before too long, and it might not be any time at all until you have one in your own hands in the form of an exciting, brand new electric car. Keep your eyes peeled throughout 2021 for new electric vehicles with these amazing five-minute charge batteries.