At Bridgend Motor Group we can help you with finance for your car purchase. As we are an independent family owned company, we have the flexibility to deal with a wide variety of approved finance companies and source the best used car finance deal for you.

  • Fixed rates, not variable
  • Low rates
  • Outstanding finance settled
  • Negative equity settled within your deal
  • Cash back
  • Hire Purchase
  • Guaranteed future value deals available
  • Low or no deposit
  • Personal loans
  • Deferred payments, buy now pay later

Have you been unlucky getting finance, or had previous credit problems?

Has the road to getting finance been a bumpy one? Whether you don't have enough credit history, have missed a payment in the past, have a poor credit score or have been unlucky getting finance for a car before, we can help.

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Finance Options Explained

Bridgend Motor Group Ltd offer finance packages – HP .

Traditional HP

With traditional HP you borrow the amount required to purchase a car, fixed repayments are then made over an agreed period of time. At the end of the agreed term there is no balance owed and you own the vehicle.